Leadstreet upgrades My Calendar platform

We are happy to announce that we have upgraded My Calendar to a new mobile responsive design with expanded functionality. This will be released next Wed. August 9th.

This upgrade includes,

  • The ability to associate calendar items to your contacts by selecting them when creating or editing the event.
  • A new sub navigation menu item (“Calendar”) under each contact where you can create and view calendar items for a specific contact.
  • Five different views of the calendar; Day, Week, Month, Expanded, and Agenda with the ability to filter by type and print.
  • The ability to ‘drag and drop’ to move an event to another day or expand to revise the time of an event.
  • A side tab to edit or delete an event right from the calendar.
  • Color display and shading to indicate current day, scheduled, and completed calendar items.


  • You can still find My Calendar under Tools but you will see that Tasks (Scheduled, Create and Completed) have been removed. It can all be done and seen in one place now!
  • We combined the contact sub navigation items of File Archive and Bulletin Board into a new page called Messages (to match the term used on the Client Dashboard) so we could make room for the new Calendar.
  • We removed Upcoming Tasks/Events from the Leads Manage page (and plan to add to My Dashboard in a future release).
  • All current items have been migrated. You will find those entered as an Event, Group Event, or Vacation/Holiday under the type “Task”. All other types (Appointment, Task, Meeting, Showing, Open House. Phone Call) have remained as is.

For more details, see our new guide My Calendar.

If you have any questions, contact Tech Support.