RE/MAX Northern Illinois partners with DocuSign to deliver a one-stop transaction management solution

RE/MAX Northern Illinois delivers integrated forms to make DocuSign the one-stop transaction solution.

RE/MAX Northern Illinois in partnership with DocuSign has added the majority of local board forms so that they can be filled out right from within transaction room.  These forms include, but not limited to, MORe, IAR, etc.

Agents now have a fully integrated forms solution where you have your local board forms to go with additional forms needed for a smooth transaction.

Lenders and title companies can be invited into the transaction room to add or access forms.

Most importantly anything that you send out for a signature from the DocuSign Transaction Room automatically gets filed back into the Transaction Room.

DocuSign the MAX way is truly an end-to-end solution to making real estate transactions seamless for all parties.

DocuSign...the MAX Way provides complete transparency in real estate transactions

  • Obtain signatures from multiple parties anytime, anywhere.
  • Share critical documents at a moments notice.
  • Streamline the paperwork process.
  • Agents, mortgage brokers, title companies, and clients can upload files, organize documents, and receive updates in a central, digital location.

Watch the video to learn about how DocuSign...the MAX Way makes real estate transactions seamless in a user friendly environment.