Take Control of Your Facebook & Instagram Ads

First the awesome news - we've extended the promotional period to 3 days through the end of 2017!  Pretty cool huh?  But not enough?  Well now you can take the wheel after the 3 days and extend your listing as long as you'd like!

You'll now receive e-mails that allow you to extend the advertisement along with a dashboard that will let you boost existing listings or open houses.  Now that's awesome!

By using this program, RE/MAX Northern Illinois in partnership with HomeSpotter is offering discounted rates to promote your listing past the promotional period that is lower than if you wanted to do this on your own.

So to recap:

  • Free Boost Period: 3 Days on all NEW listings in the MLS through end of 2017
  • Opportunity to Extend Advertisement: E-mail will be sent to give you this opportunity.
  • Dashboard will be available to see what listings you can boost (this includes past listings and open houses)
  • Discounted advertisement rates compared to competition or doing alone.

Continue the auto-promotion of your listing: $39 for an additional week.
Open Houses (that show up in your dashboard): $21 for Half week.




Showing the status of your boosted property

Listing ads will go live during the first 3 days that your listing is on the market, and are paid for by
RE/MAX of Northern Illinois.

After the ad goes live, you'll also receive a link that you can use to share on your personal and business Facebook pages.

2 - View Campaign Overview
1 - Boost Dashboard




See what you can boost!

Within the dashboard will be available to you to show what listings you can boost and the activity on those boosted properties.


Manage through your own Dashboard

Anytime someone "likes" or comments on your ad, you'll receive an email notification so you can follow up as needed.

3 - View Campaign Engagement